I love shooting landscape videos because for me it is work and rest despite summer heat or winter frost. Even a long-lasting presentation film always has its own smaller version, and I create this small collection of brightest landscaping video-pieces, where I harmonize the beauty of nature and music. I am happy when I understand that my work touches its viewer’s hearts.


This is a first part of a film about Tomsk Polytechnical University, its history and traditions


I produce television broadcast ranging from reports to jubilee films.

Russia, Tomsk

ul.Shishkova, 10-34


Video production


Adobe Premiere, After Effects

Available for freelance and contract jobs

on location or abroad

I create rare, but special orders, including multi-shooting concerts and simple animation. There are time-consuming, but brings so much enjoyment in the process.

multicamera &


It took all my youth to understand that videofilming is my real calling, I put my 19 years experience of television into new video works with enthusiasm, diligence and kindness.

Serg Konovalov


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